Where do Armadillos Live?

All South Carolina animals have their own kind of habitat where they are at their best. The armadillos thrive in the moist and warm climates and these are the kind of conditions that they prefer most. They also do well in the grasslands and forested areas. This is because they have to dig for food and also their shelter. The Greenville armadillos love the areas that have porous soil which is loose. This is because it makes it very easy for them to dig and create shelter and also freed.

The animals make use of their very strong claws so as to dig up burrows in the home range where they live so as to get refuge when there are predators around. The burrows are also very helpful when the weather is too extreme, the burrow of a Greenville armadillo is around 7-8” in width and they are around 15 feet deep. So far as the wild animals are concerned, we all are not comfortable to have them at home as neither a pet nor we want them near about us anyway. This is just because of many common reasons. These animals are medium in size. The smallest species is around the size of a chipmunk. There is the giant armadillo that is about the size of a small South Carolina pig weighing up to 54 kgs. It can have a length of 150 cm. they are very prolific diggers and they prefer areas that have adequate space.

The claws are used for digging for food and to create dens. There are those that prefer to build their own burrows in the soils that are near creeks since it is moist. For thesame reason, they love the arroyos, the streams and the creeks as they get enough food and shelter. This is oneof the reasons as to why they do better in the rural South Carolina areas. This is because of the adequacy of the food such as invertebrates, grubs and even insects. There are Greenville species that love ants and termites and will feed on them exclusively.

In the urban settings, you can find Greenville armadillos in your yard. This is shown by holes all over theyard as the animals forage for food. Animal human conflict therefore becomes an issue. It is best to relocate such animals so as to allow them the kind of space that they need to survive. Some of the South Carolina armadillos found in the urban areas are there due to the human encroachment of their natural habitat.

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