Finding and Removing a Dead Squirrel

If you have heard Greenville squirrel noise in the attic or chimney and then either decided to take care of the situation (by poison), or simply stopped hearing the noise-and the terrible smell came instead, this means that you have a dead South Carolina squirrel in your home.

Dead animal in home smells terribly and this is the smell that it doesn't go away easily. It will most likely not go away on its own for very, very long time, so it is definitely the best solution to do some steps to take care of this dead South Carolina animal yourself.

What you have to do is next:

1. Find the dead body. It is not an easy task. Try narrowing down nasty odor to one room, or attic, or underneath the house. If you are still not sure and can't detect where the stench is the worst, consult architecture in the area, to try to get house plan and to find out if there are any hidden spaces where the Greenville animal might have got stuck and died. Walk around and sniff every inch of your home, from the floor to the ceiling. This way you will get to where the stench is the worst-dead body is definitely nearby that spot. The location where you sniff the worst, most disgusting odor will indicate weather carcass is under the house, or in the attic, or in the chimney. These are most usual locations where South Carolina squirrel could end up and die.

2. Removal of a dead body. Once you have located the carcass, depending on the location you need to get to it and to remove it. In some causes you will have to drill a hole to get to it, or you will have to crawl through the attic or under your Greenville home. When you get close enough, i.e. when you can take it away, put rubber gloves on your hands and then take carcass and put it in plastic bag.

3. Disinfection of home. After you have removed dead body from your attic or a chimney, you have to clean attic or chimney to remove any remaining smell and to prevent disease. Call a Greenville professional and get him to clean the chimney and attic. If animal has died in the attic, it has probably been living there some time, so there is need to remove all the dirt and remnants of its life there (feces, urine, chewed on paper, insulation, wood, etc.) so that your attic can be clean and safe once again. In the end, it is also important to seal all possible entrance points to prevent similar situations in future, i.e. any next South Carolina squirrel infestation.

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