Removing a Raccoon Stuck in a Dumpster

Raccoons are South Carolina animals that really love to forage and one of the areas where they forage is in the dumpsters. Pet food and the human garbage are the main sources of food for the raccoons and they can thrive where there is a lot of food. This is one of the reasons as to why Greenville raccoon’s densities are much higherin the urban areas than the wilderness.

Very often, the Greenville raccoons can get stuck in the dumpster as they forage for food and it may be difficult to get them out. Usually, you will need to remove the raccoon that is stuck, place it in a cage and the relocate it to another safe area. . When a South Carolina raccoon finds a good source of food such as the trash, a pet dish with food or garbage can, it remains in the same area for a long time or it may keep on coming back for more food. A snare pole can be used so as to place the raccoons in the cages before they can be relocated to other areas.

Preventing the situations
So as to make sure than not one single raccoon gets stuck in a dumpster, it is most sensible to make sure that the dumpsters remain covered at all times. Lids can be a lasting solution to such an issue. If the Greenville raccoons keep ontipping the garbage cans over, you should make sure that they are secured in the best way possible. You can strap the lids down using bungee cords. The cans can also be stored withingarages or in concrete blocks. If a raccoon gets stuck in a dumpster in any way, it is most advisable to make sure you get in touch with a professional wildlife South Carolina control so as to avoid the risk of handling the raccoon by yourself. Raccoons can give you a serious bite or even a scratch. They are also able to carry a wide range of the zoonotic diseases like rabies.

How to remove the raccoon
When you think of it, a dumpster is aplace where you throw the useless products that are not needed anymore. However, this is not always the case especially if you think as raccoon does. For Greenville raccoons, the dumpster is a kind of a large hall used for dining and they are able to get so much to eat at such a place. The raccoons are omnivorous by nature and this means that they usually eat almost anythingthat they can get without issues. This is one of the reasons as to why the South Carolina animals have been able to thrive so well even in the urban settings.

To help a South Carolina raccoon stuck you can:
• Place sticks inside to aid with elevation
• Throw more garbage in so as to help the Greenville raccoon climb out
• Call Greenville animal control

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